Cooking time!

Since the beginning we wanted to cook traditional food together so for our 9th meeting we decided to do it because we wouldn’t have another opportunity in the future.

Jon cooked a tortilla de patatas, Sam brought Swiss dark chocolate fondue and fruits, my Mexican friends brought the ingredients to make tacos and I brought some nachos and traditional refried beans.

I was putting attention all the time to Jon making the tortilla and I tried to learn the recipe, I would like to cook this when I go back in Mexico. By the way I really liked Jon’s tortilla and I think he is a good cook. Also I really enjoyed the fondue, it was really good chocolate and obviously because it was Swiss.

We ate our dishes all together and enjoyed a good dinner. After this we started with the learning process and we decided prepositions as the topic, these are the propositions that we learn and also some examples:

an = on (attached). “Der Spiegel ist an der Wand”

auf = on (upon). “Der Hund ist auf dem Stuhl”

auf = in (the world). “Der beste Fussballspieler auf der Welt”

auf = in (an event, place). “Ich war auf einer Party” “Ich war auf Mallorca”

aus = from (origin). “Ich bin aus Australien”

ausserhalb = outside. “Ich komme von einer Stadt ausserhalb Berlins”

durch = through. “Ich fuhr durch die Stadt

hinter = behind. “Ich stehe hinter dir”

in = in. “Ich bin in der Schule” Ich sah es in dem Fernseher”

neben = next to “Er sitzt neben dir”

über = across, above “Das Flugzeug ist über dem Flughafen”

zu = to “Ich komme zu dir”

zwischen = between “Ich bin zwischen Jobs”



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