Eighth Meeting - Cooking Class!!

Cooking Class
time & place :
16th April, 12:00-15:30, My home

We planned to cook, and we decided to meet soon as we couldn’t see much each other, also after this time. End of April, and beginning of May was super busy with so many assignments and exams! This was the last meeting before May, however, we decorated our fantastic April very well!

Korean Food & Guillaume Style Curry
  We gathered in my house, luckily none of my roommates were in my house, thus we enjoyed the empty free house. Korean girls cooked stir-fried rice cakes and he cooked curry with coconut milk for us. During cooking and eating, we Koreans talked about Korean food a lot, and he again taught us about French politics 🙂 I like this topic, so it was really interesting for me.
The curry was so good even I don’t like neither curry nor coconut! And he also enjoyed the stir-fried rice cakes but they were a bit spicy for him so he had to drink a lot of water. We talked about the new champion in league of legends, talked about our writings and future meetings. After eating, I washed dishes, and he went to my bed and found out that my bed was super warm! He asked me why and I answered it’s because of the electrical heating mat! He said he was shocked because he never considered that, I think he would buy it someday haha. This day was funny and enjoyable day and we will meet next time for my last lecture after the busy week.


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