Ein langer Tag

It had been quite a long day (ein langer Tag), when we met the second time in Ratina shopping mall. It was six o’clock in the evening. Me and Melanie were quite hungry, and Hanna was in desperate need of coffee. At last we found a place to meet our needs in Classic Pizza Restaurant, very quaint place.

I wanted to learn German alphabet, so Melanie teached them. Very many letters are pronounced just like the same in both languages! Also we learned/teached numbers, weekdays, months and some colours and some ordinals. The meeting was a little bit busy because of the time schedule, so we didn’t take any long teaching lessons this time.

Time went by very fast, and eventually I had to go home to take care of my children, it was already half eight. On the way home I noticed a strange need in me to listen to Rammstein. I did, and funny thing was that when I opened TV at the evening, a German TV-series was on! It was very interesting to try to listen that language, but (of course) it was quite difficult. I wish some day I could do that fluently.

I also forgot to take photos at the meeting, but I will try to remember that next time!


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