Enjoying Chinese Food Together! (17/10/2016)

This is our fourth meeting, we decided to cook some Chinese dumplings. We met at Khassy’s apartment, she lives in the TOAS city and there is a big kitchen in the building to use. We bring some carrots, pork, and flour. Firstly, we put flour and water together, then make the dough into the “wrapper” of dumplings. Then cut carrots and pork, mixed them together. Just put those stuffs into dough, and make every shape you want.

We had so much fun while cooking. We talked a lot about Chinese and German food and we also talked about traditional events in our home country. Like in China, there is a beautiful love story called the Cowherd and Weaver Maid. But at that moment I forgot the name of this story. Because of this story, now it is a tradition to celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day once a year on July 7th of the lunar calender.

Because it’s the first time for Khassy to make dumplings and I’m also not good at that, our dumplings have all kinds of special shapes. But those dumplings are still delicious. We really had great time with each other.






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