Enjoying Lapland together!

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This time we enjoyed some time together on our trip to Lapland! We took a train from Tampere to Lapland and stayed there for some days! After arriving to our cozy apartment we headed to the Santa Claus Village! There we looked around and visited the reindeers and huskies! After that we decided to send eachothers a chirstmas post card from the Santa Claus Post Office. It was a lot of fun writting eachother a post card! I included some German Christmas wishes into their post cards and they wrote some Chinese sentences to wish me luck in the New Year! After that we met Santa Claus and made a picture with him, which was so much fun!

On our second day we walked through the forest near our apartment, enjoyed the cold weather and did a reindeer sleigh ride! We sat together on a sleigh and could even ride on our own!

Lastly on our last day we decided to visit the artikum museum and learn more about Lapland! I enjoyed the time together in the cold weather! It was an amazing experience!:)

The girls will stay in Tampere for one year but I will leave Tampere tomorrow! But we promise to visit eachother! Either me coming back to China again or them coming to Germany next year! I hope I can show you around! Hope to see you soon! I will miss you and thank you for the amazing time!


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