Tallin - Here we are!

We decided to go on a trip together to Tallin! We met at 4 am and took the Flixbus to Helsinki. From there we wanted to take the ferry to Tallin. But we couldn’t find the right place and ended up asking some people because we were so lost! We almost missed our ferry but thankfully we met a really nice guy that helped us getting there. After running to the ferry station, we got the ferry on the last minute! When we arrived in Tallin we headed to the old town. There we had a good time going around the city and buying a lot of souvenirs for our parents. Then we decided to eat something at a burger restaurant that looked like some some old american western bar. The food was so good and we liked the place so much, that we decided to stay there for some time to talk a little bit more with eachother! After that we also took a look into the city center outside of the old town and visited some popular clothing shops. We did a little bit of shopping and headed to the ferry station around 7 pm and then took the bus at 11 pm from Helsinki! We enjoyed walking from the ferry station to the bus station in Helsinki for one hour! Lastly we arrived at 1 am in Tampere!

Even though the trip was tiring, we had a great time together and it was a memorable experience since we almost didn’t got out ferry and had to run together!:D Good times haha! 😀



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