EPISODE 3: Let’s go for a bit of “cerveceo”

There’s something that Spaniards like more than the sun, a beer under the sun. And this afternoon there was sun in Finland (YES THERE WAS SUN) and we felt a bit thirsty, so we had everything we needed to enjoy a cold, fresh, golden and foamy “cerveza”.

Of course this meeting was the perfect opportunity to compare two of the most famous beers in Spain, Estrella Damm and Mahou. At this point I had to gave to Pablo a piece of my heart, I had to give him one of my last cans of Mahou… anyways, he filled this empty place with one of his Estrella Damm.

Talking about this beers and what we use to do while we drink them, we realized that this two beers have one thing more in common apart from the color and the barley, this beers are the banners of two of the biggest cultures in Spain. Both are the definition of our cultures, and that’s what they transmitted really successfully via their ads.

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You should have seen Pablo’s face while he was speaking about Estrella Damm. His eyes reflected all what he felt in Mataró with his friends, each song that they listened at the music fest while they were drinking a Estrella, each minute under the sun in the beach, each dinner in a terrace, each joke and each laugh he has shared with his friends, those that we were sharing that afternoon, and those that will come. Friends that’s the key piece.

This is Pablo thinking about Estrella Damm and his friends.

We can’t forget the Mahou! We don’t have beach and sea but we have thousands of bars, and this time I’m not overreacting, I swear that the Madrilian culture is the bar culture. And wherever you go in Madrid you should order a beer, but not any beer, a Mahou, as my father does and my grandfather did. Mahou represents this tiny things that should never change, like you mother’s “tortilla de patata” recipe, or the afterwork beer with you best friends.

Okay at this point I have to finish with my reflection, I’m crying out loud missing my friends and my mom’s tortilla.


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