Final meeting 18.12

This time we met for the last time. So sad! This semester went much more faster than i could have thought and we weren’t able to do all the things that i first thought we could. But anyway, we had so much fun together and i really recommend this EOTO-course to everyone.

So, we met at this really nice coffee place ” Kulma konditoria” in Koskipuisto in the centre. It is really nice place and they have a lot of nice and sweet things to eat and drink. Now we talked about everything: this semester, school, Hui’s experiences about Finland and this student exchange etc. For me this course has been more like getting to know different culture and people, more than learning a new language. Of course my English has become better, hopefully 😉 And as a Finnish person I’ve thought our culture in a new way while i’ve been explaining things to Hui. This really has been a great experience and I learned a lot of new things and i could say that so has Hui too.

Korean and Finnish culture has many same things and actually there is not so much differences a i thought that there would be. I think the biggest difference is that studying is not free as here in Finland and the meaning of a family is sort of a bigger or could i say more important in Korean.

After our coffee time we went to Stockmann to look a big box for Hui so she could send her stuff to Korean. Luckily we got one box which was perfect! And it was free, great!

Anyway, everything comes to and end at some point. I really hope that we will meet in the future and i wish all the best for Hui! You never know where time takes you and maybe someday i can visit in South-Korea 🙂


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