After one delay, Jetro and I fixed another day in December for the Finnish class meeting. We were quite busy for the other courses examination at that time, but we still managed to arrange to meet each other because we had started this language course a bit later than the other groups and we were required to finish the 10th blog on time. In this meeting, we just shared about what we had in mind of things which has happened during the week. I told Jetro about my meeting with the Finnish woman who is my new friend from a friend-making program of MLL Tampere. I told him how excited I was to meet this woman and get to know more about her. She was a vegetarian ‘kasvissyöjä’, a poet ‘runoilija’, and a teacher who lives in Nokia near to me. Jetro has helped me to distinguish the words: ‘ruoho’ and ‘runo’ which I found out they were so similar to make me mis-remember. Jetro helped me remember it by an example: ‘runoilija tekee runoja’. I think my new friend has misunderstood me also when I tried to explain her that I love nature: ‘Minä pidän luonnosta’, but somehow, she thought I meant I love poem: ‘Minä pidän runoista’. I also learn the tranformation of children word ‘lapsi’ into plural form: ‘Hänellä on 2 lasta’. Surprisingly ‘lasta’ in the word ‘paistinlasta’ does not mean children, but a frying pan. Also, in this day, I found out my usual misunderstanding of using ‘back’ and ‘again’ word in English and in Finnish. That originates from my Vietnamese meaning of these words. Because in Vietnamese, we have one word only for both meanings, it causes me always the misunderstanding of ‘uudelleen’ and ‘takaisin’. I also learnt about the difference between ‘Mitä tapahtui? and ‘Mitä on tapahtunut?’ and reviewed about ‘tykätä’, ‘käyttää’ and ‘viettää’, etc There were things I could not learnt from Finnish language school ever before.


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