Finnish small talk, Me rehuso and Söpö.

We met up on Tuesday with Teresa and Neea.

At first we had a really long struggle with school printer because Teresa had to print her lyrics out for our meeting (the fun way to learn thing I told you in the last post). That was also a very good thing to learn all together.

After that we started to teach Teresa some Finnish small talk sentences and also we learned some Spanish words at the same time also. Well altogether I didn’t learn that many new words, but was reminded about many words in Spanish. For example está lloviendo = it’s raining, nube = cloud, está nevando = it’s snowing. We had so much fun with Finnish small talk sentences because me and Neea had some different opinions on some Finnish sentences and then we tried to also explain them to Teresa. Teresa found the small talk sentences to be really useful and I think she learned a lot and also started to understand Finnish grammar and some words also better.

Then to the fun part! So for this time I brought a Finnish song for us to teach to Teresa and Teresa brought a Spanish song. First we went through Teresa’s song, Me rehuso. At first she was thinking that we haven’t heard it though it is really popular in Spain, but for her surprise I told that the song has been played on NRJ for quite a while. We went through the song together and I was so proud of me and Neea because we knew so many words in the song. I also think we surprised Teresa a bit. But the song also had many new words also, for example quimica = chemistry and nena = girl (baby girl).

After the Spanish song we went through a Finnish song, Söpö. Teresa asked to bring songs that are played in Finnish clubs and she recognized the song immediately! Teresa thought it was really useful to learn how to say that a boy is cute and some other words also. And also Neea and I noticed that Söpö song’s lyrics really don’t make no sense at times.

But altogether we had a really great meeting and we had so much fun! I really like that we get along so good. So now I can’t wait for our next meeting again!

This time we also remember to take some pictures, so here you go!


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