First FinGer meeting

The first meeting
The Finnish-German team decided on a pub called “Kivenheitto” as an appropriate place for a meeting on 12th September at 12:15. Kivenheitto opens at 12 o´clock everyday and can be visited until 24 o´clock; on weekends even longer. The atmosphere is relaxing & cosy, which is shaped by much space underlined with comfortable places to sit. The pub offers food and (non-)alcoholic drinks with affordable prices and discounts for students.
The group used this ambience to discuss further actions for the “each one teach one” course. With that, the team clarified goals, expectations, desired information, spoke about the pre-plan, gathered ideas for meetings and settled other organisational matters. Also, it was important to get to know each other and see, whether the team can work together or not. It turned out, that every member is very lovely, so the course experience will be a delightful ride. During the meeting, the Finnish side gave their best to introduce some Finnish basics and pronunciations, which is hard to learn even from native speakers.
Because of upcoming school courses, the meeting was completed with the way to TAMK and pleasant chatting in the meantime.


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