First meeting - 2nd of February - New York Coffee

Before the teaching and learning course, we have learned more about each other. Lucia told us where she came from, what she is studying, how was her life in Mexico. It was the same for Oussama and I, we talked about Oussama’s life in Bordeaux, and my life in Paris. We have shared a little bit about our experience of Finland for the moment.


It was pretty easy to teach the basics to Lucia because she knows how to speak French, she learned French at school during 4 years.

We started with the basics sentences: hello, please, bye.

We kept going on with the way to ask a question: what, where, when, who, how?

We have started to ask each other questions in French with this words.

The most difficult part for me as teacher was to make a good presentation of everything because teacher is a very difficult profession. Hopefully, Lucia is a very good listener and she understood very quickly what we have said with Oussama.



For me, it wasn’t difficult to learn Spanish because I’m studying Spanish in school since more than 7 years. So, it’s for me a way to be able to speak more fluently. The thing who is really interesting is that Oussama doesn’t speak Spanish at all, so it was very interesting to see the way to learn Spanish again.

Lucia and I were speaking in Spanish and Oussama had to discover what we were saying. It was very basic sentence as: My name is … I’m … years old … I like ….

We have also learned that the Spanish people and Mexican people have not exactly the same way to speak Spanish and it was interesting because I usually speak the normal Spanish language from Spain because it’s the way that I have learned and it was not the case for Lucia, so thanks to this, I can understand better the differences between this two “languages”



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