First meeting/ Belgium & Germany

It was quite funny because we found out, when we wanted to meet up, that we live in the same house (Lapinkaari) and even on the same floor almost next door to each other. We joined this course quite late as we only got the mail that there´s someone that wants to learn the language we chose in October.

Our first meeting was just a short one on the 26th of October, where we discussed our plans and what our level in the languages are that we want to learn which is French for me. We meet in our common kitchen and just talked a bit about basic stuff, what we are studying, how long we are staying here, where we are from and so on. I got to know that Guilio is 21 from Bruges in Belgium and is doing his exchange at TAMK. We are actually both studying IB. There was not that much time on that day, so we decided that we talk more the next time then.

I´m posting this a bit late because my schedule was really busy. Also it was just a short meeting, but I think it still counts for getting to know each other.


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