First Meeting (Chinese- Dutch group)

We met at y-kampus on February 15, and we were all there.First, we discussed the ten topics/sites we are going to do/see and drew up the draft.

The first meeting started at 1:30 p.m. and ended around 2 p.m.During the meeting, we briefly introduced ourselves.Our Dutch teachers are Ryan and Merlin, and our Chinese teachers are Changling, Huaicheng and Jiaqi (me).

We taught them the Numbers from 1 to 10 in Chinese, as well as the pronunciation and handwriting of these Numbers (simplified Chinese).

1,         2,      3,       4,     5,    6,      7,       8,         9,      10

一,      二,   三,    四, 五,  六,     七,     八,     九,     十

één,twee,drie,vier,vijf,zes, zeven,acht,negen,tien


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