First meeting Finnish/English/Japanese

We held our pre-meeting via Zoom last Tuesday before our first meeting. We agreed to do daily meetings with 1on1 basically to progress at our own pace because we are all beginners. Nadine, Timo and Joni are interested in Japanese language and culture. They are Japanese learners and I am a Finnish/English learner.

Due to time differences between Finland and Japan, we are planning to have almost all classes through Zoom in this autumn semester. I really hope I can meet them in real life next year!

This week, I started my first actual course. Mondays are with Nadine. Our topic was greetings in Japanese!

おはようございます(ohayoogozaimasu) – Good morning

ありがとうございます(arigato gozaimasu) – Thank you

すみません(sumimasen) - Excuse me / I’m sorry

お疲れ様でした(otsukaresamadeshita) - Great work

I was amazed with the material she brought, because I could learn about differences in pronunciation and how to translate from English to Japanese. Nadine asked me “What’s the meaning of ます(masu)?” I found it a little difficult to explain that. I have noticed the uniqueness of Japanese sentence structure.


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