First meeting in Café Europa


Hello, my name is Liisa. I am a fourth year forestry student and I joined the Each One Teach One course to brush up my German and to teach Finnish. I was paired up with Daniel from Germany.

Neither of us could make it to the Kick off meeting so our first meeting was also the very first time we saw each other. That’s why we decided to, like many others in this course have, meet up in Café Europa. On a Sunday afternoon the place is nice and quite but still has a nice atmosphere.
The first meeting was mostly about getting to know each other and to plan how we want study in this course. We also talked about our skills in the languages we want to learn and how much we have studied already. I have already quite strong skills in German but I can’t really talk with anyone because I am too Finnish, I am too shy to speak. 😀 So my goal in this course is to teach Daniel Finnish and get more fluent in speaking German.

We also planned some of the teaching and learning methods we want to use and find useful. We already started also writing down some funny words that we use both in German and Finnish but haven’t really heard them in other languages.
For example we both have a word for “the joy of other people’s misfortune” = Schadenfreude in German and vahingonilo in Finnish.


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