French – German: Music

After a smaller break in between our meetings, we finally managed to make another meeting happen! Inspired by other groups, we decided to also talk about music from artists from our country.

We started by asking each other what music we know from the other country. I was not surprised to hear 99 Luftbalons from Leonie. But I was surprised to hear O-Tannenbaum. Leonie said it was a part of her German lessons and is therefore quite known in France. From my side, the only French song that came into my mind right away was Alors on danse. Leonie helped us out with a classic French song called La vie en rose by Édith Piaf which is also quite famous from different movies.

After this, we continued with some famous music from our generation. Leonie started by showing us some rap music that she likes to listen to with her friends. Lisa and I were agreeing on the fact that there is a lot of German rap music, which we don’t like. But we could also agree that there is one Artist called Apache which has become quite famous in the last years and was more favoured by us as well. We also realized how little story there is in a lot of rap songs, which made it quite hard to translate the meaning of the song for each other.

After the rap songs I wanted to show something from a different genre and went with Pocahontas from AnnenMayKantereit. This Song has a happy feel to it although it is about a failed relationship. This song has also become quite popular in the last few years and even Leonie thinks she has already heard it somewhere.

For me this session was quite interesting because I think talking about music is something more personal and I liked hearing Lisas and Leonies opinion on it.


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