French – German: quick recipe check-up

This time we had a quick meeting to prepare for our cooking session later this week. Lisa and I agreed to try a vegetarian version of Recette Tartiflette and Leonie wants to try Semmelknödel mit Pilzrahmsoße. The German recipe is actually one of my favourite traditional meals. Also, one of the few without meat. The only problem is that it usually takes a while, and it can be hard to get the dough for the dumplings just right. I am curious how Leonie will do with this one.

For the Recette Tartiflette I am very curious! You can never go wrong with baked cheese. I think the main challenge for us will be to find the right cheese here in Finland. The special cheese is called Reblochon and is named after the region it comes from. Therefore, Leonie said that they often cook it on ski holidays.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to meet personally with Leonie since she is still in France. This makes helping each other out a bit tricky, and we, therefore, decided to also translate the recipes into English to help with any language barriers.

I am really looking forward to trying this out and will start looking for the right cheese every time I enter a shop from now on.


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