French – German: the importance of food

One thing that people from Germany and France (and probably a lot of other countries as well) can agree on is the importance of good food! I personally love to try traditional dishes whenever I am travelling. Therefore, we decided to go over some basic sentences you need when you go to a restaurant.

For me as a vegetarian, this is always a topic since most of the traditional meals in Germany and France include some non-vegetarian ingredients. Therefore, we also talked about what we like and dislike about food. I hope I can remember at least these words, so I can avoid the food I do not want to eat.

After talking about some phrases, we realized that we never actually talked about being polite in French or German. So, we continued with phrases like S’il te plait/ s’il vous plait and Je vous en prie/ de rien.

Once again, I realized how difficult German grammar can be. I have never thought about it this actively.

We concluded by briefly talking about our cooking plans for a future session. We decided to pick out multiple recipes for each other so that Lisa and I can decide what we would like to try as well as Leonie.


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