French – German: traveling vocabulary

As usual, we started our session with some small talk. Since we have been travelling in the past weeks, we decided to talk about some basic vocabulary that can help you while travelling.

We started with some essential city locations you may need (or hopefully not) when travelling such as Aeroport, hospital and Banque. We realized that some French words are written like the English words, but are pronounced very differently. For me, this made the correct pronunciation even harder, since you feel like you recognize the written word.

On the other hand, most of these words will be easy to remember because they are similar to the English and the German word. One example here would be the French word Police which is spelt the same as the English word police, while the German word is also similar Polizei.

When we talked more about finding your way at an airport, we realized that all the locations there are named in English and have no translation in German of French. I think this makes a lot of sense since most of the people at an airport will be international travellers and this way, they don’t need to translate every sign.


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