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Today, our meeting was about the French culture through French movies. We met at TAMK because there is some classroom with sofas and TV, a good point to view several movies.

During this meeting, we talked about:

  • History of cinema
  • French cartoons
  • French actors
  • French humoristic movies

In France, cinema is born in 1895 in Paris thanks to the Lumière brothers. Then, the colored movies appeared at the end of the sixties, it was a real change for the cinema.

To speak about movies, we started to show a famous cartoon of the nineties “Oui-Oui”. We watched it during our childhood with Audrey. It was very funny to watch this cartoon now at twenty because it’s not the same than we were eight years, we laughed a lot because the discussions between the characters were very simple and without reflection.

Then, we talked about famous actors in France like:

  • Sophie Marceau, one of the most famous actress in France, she has been famous thanks to her role in the movie “La Boum” when she was young.
  • Gérard Depardieu, he acted in a lot of famous movies like “Astérix mission cléopatre” or more classic “Cyrano de Bergerac”.
  • Gad Elmaleh and Omar Sy, who actually are humourists, but they played in a lot of very funny movies like “Intouchable” for Omar Sy and “Coco” for Gad Elmaleh.

Alessandro knew only Gérard Depardieu because he met him in a restaurant in Paris.

Then, we wanted to show Alessandro some extracts of famous movies, which are also our favourites funny movies:

  • “Camping”: Some friends go together on holidays in Camping in the south of France, and many stories happened like marital problems, or friendship … It’s actually French humour.

  • « Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait au bon dieu? »: The story of a French Catholic couple who has 4 daughters and three of them got married with men of other origins/religions (One chinese, one muslim, and one jewish). The parents have strict opinion about others “nationality”. So, they hope that the youngest girl will get married with a french catholic. The movie deals with racism in an humouristic way.

There is other famous movies like « Rabbi Jacob », « Les bronzés », « Bienvenue chez les chtis » but we didn’t have time to watch some extracts of them.

Next meeting we will talk about Italian culture through Italian movies. I look forward to be at the next meeting and watch some Italian movies! 


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