French - Spanish fourth meeting : Cuisine

Yesterday’s meeting was dedicated to something that gathers everyone : food.

The idea was to agree on a recipe that we could do while talking about food habits and culture. We picked crepes for the first session, which is probably the most international French dish. Since we are on zoom, we all took time to get the ingredients beforehand and we called while preparing the batter.

It was a lot of fun to try to explain in a different language a recipe by video call. It lead to several misunderstandings and laughs but I believe in the end we all had good crepes.

Holding these meetings online is sometimes not easy, but making the same food at the same time was a good solution to feel more “connected”. I am eager to try a Spanish recipe during another food session, as I discovered a lot about tortillas, tapas, magdalenas,…

Good work to my Spanish Chefs !


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