From baking to... singing?

Main topic for our second meeting was: “making some easy Hungarian food/ snack that doesn’t take too much effort or money from our tiny student budget”.

Melinda and Helga decided that we should do Pogácsa. I was up for it because I didn’t have any idea what this “thing” even was. After careful planning and discussion we decided to make them in my apartment. We began the preparation of pogásca and  I decided to put on some music and asked the girls opinion on this. When the pogásca was in the oven we had a little discussion about music in both of our countries. I somehow (Helga forced me) ended up singing one of my favourite shower songs, Anssi Kela – Puistossa. Helga demonstrated her singing skills too and then she taught me some breathing exercises for my harmonica playing.

Anyhow in the middle of all this beautiful singing and baking we  learned some words and meaning regarding cooking. What surprised me was that Hungary has a different word for cutting board and for a REALLY big cutting board. Apparently Hungarians want to mix everything on their counters. Gyüródeszka (really big cutting board), vágódeszka (normal size cutting board).

In the end pogásca was really good (Im sure to make it again and it was sooo easy to make) and I learned about Hungarian music. Also I learned my favourite saying of all time. Kecskére bízza a káposztát = Trust a goat with cabbage. Still don’t quite understand the real meaning of it but just a thought of goat running around with a cabbage makes me laugh.

Oula out!



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