From Finland with love: beers and friends for the last meeting

Here we are, after 3 months spent in Finland. Time really flies and it seems yesterday that me and Melissa came here to start our Exchange program and in few days I’m going back home in Italy. So on Monday 10 of April we met for our last meeting at Mallashovi to have a beer, fun and make our final exam.

When you are learning a new language of course is important to know all grammar rules but in the end the important thing is to speak this language, understanding more or less what people are talking about and  trying to be understood. That’s the reason why we decided to make an oral final test.

We spent the night asking to each other everything we have taught and learned during this period, from days and months, numbers, time of the verb, useful phrases, holidays to typical foods and how to make it. I was really surprised about Anna, she learned so fast and remembered a lot of things and I’m really happy to have been her “teacher” for these 3 months. I hope she really enjoyed time with us, because for me it has been so great time spent together! Me and Melissa helped to each other to remember what Anna taught to us and at the end the result wasn’t so bad! So everybody passed the exam!

During this time we met a lot of people and Anna is one of the most important. We spent a lot of time with her, sharing our culture and traditions and trying to make her loving our country. It’s sad thinking that everything will finish soon and that we will come back to our life, so far away from each other. I really love Finland and everything I’ve done here. Now this country and people that I met here are my home and my family and I will always have good memories of them.

I really want to go to Deutschland and meet Anna again and I think that you are never too far away from somebody; if you want everything is possible! This course “Each One Teach One” gave us a great possibility and I will always be grateful for this.

Danke, Kiitos, Thanks and Grazie for time spent together! See you now. Keep always in touch!


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