Gazpacho Andaluz. Seventh Meeting

This time I had no scape, though is Christmas time, a promise is a promise. It was time to cook. A very special and easy spanish dish is Gazpacho (Andaluz), because it’s originally from the south of Spain.

It was very popular during the after war times when people didn’t have much to eat. The main ingredients are: tomatoes, bread and a little bit of garlic.


Tomatoes – Tomaatti

Garlic – Valkosipuli

Cucumber – Kurkku

Bread – LeipΓ€

First of all, we slice all the ingredients and we add 250ml of cold water plus 50ml of Jerez. We crush everything with the blender. After that we take everything through the strainer in a way that we keep every possible piece of peel or solids away. We put it in the fridge for a couple of hours to be served cold πŸ™‚





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