German for Noobies

On 15th of September was the first meeting in EOTO. My tutoree teaches me German and I try to teach her some Finnish. As she has already passed the course Basics of Finnish we are focusing on German language at the beginning.

I have always wanted to learn German but I didn’t have a good chance for it. Everything I know about German language is from Rammstein’s lyrics. And many of you may know that Rammstein’s lyrics doesn’t contain good information J

We followed the Basics of Finnish teaching material because it started from the scratch. Basic greetings, family members, etc…

After studying “hard” we decided to relax and listen to some German music with translations. My tutoree introduced me and new German electro-metal band, Eisbrecher (“Icebreaker”). That is now my favorite band \,,/,

Volle Kraft Voraus, “Full Steam Ahead”


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