German-Russian / 1ST MEETING


2 hours

Today was our first meeting for EOTO course. We got to know each other better. We had have some classes together before, but didn’t get a chance to really know each other. So in that sense today was very nice! I am a full-time Media & Arts student, and Chris is an exchange student from Germany.  He studied industrial engineering in Hanover before, but now he changed his subjects for the last semester of his studies. That means that he’ll most likely stay in TAMK till the end of this semester only, which is pretty sad.

We decided to have our meetings via zoom, as I have no opportunity to come to Tampere right now, and most likely I won’t till the end of the school year. However, I’m already quite used to the format of online studying, so I don’t think that would be a problem. But of course I am hoping to meet in real life, too.

We created our preliminary agreement and discussed stuff about how we were  going to have our meetings.  We are planning to get acquainted with each other’s languages and cultures, and for that we’re going to explain some theory to each other, and maybe watch movies, listen to music and play games in German and Russian.

We also managed to give each other some very basic information about our cultures and stereotypes about each other’s countries.

(Yes, too much each other, sorry for that xD)


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