German-Russian | 8th Meeting

Meeting on November 26th, 2020, 1.5 hours

Today at first, we talked about the level of English speaking in our home countries and, of course, in Finland. Well, clearly Finland is the top dog against this background and both of us agreed it would be much easier for everyone if this stage was reached in our countries as well. But at least in my opinion, Germany seems to be on a good way to “englishify” everybody as all of us are learning it in school. Daria on the other hand told me she has been to a special language school and only therefore is able to speak that good English.

Then she talked about sights and places-to-be in Sankt Petersburg and now I want to visit it even more 😭. I desperately hope the pandemic situation will improve next year so that I could get there some day. Like especially the Eremitage sounded extremely interesting and the pictures looked amazing. This place was added to your travel list successfully ✔️😂.

We also showed each other different YouTubers from our countries which was a great suggestion by Daria. I think вДудь is quite useful on my side because his videos also have English subtitles. It is an interviewing YouTube channel with guests from all over Russia and therefore has another advantage because it is simultaneously introducing other famous Russian YouTubers, authors, etc. to me. I think the most striking thing I watched so far was an interview with Alexei Nawalny after his poisoning. I will definitely have a closer look at their videos in the future! My favorite YouTube channel I presented Daria was Kurzgesagt – In a nutshell, a German education and entertainment channel with really nice animations about many interesting and important topics like climate change but in our case, we watched “What happens if you nuked a city” – well, better stay informed 😂

For me, watching Russian people speak (in that clear way) extremely helped understanding the word and pronunciation flow and is oddly satisfying. Also, modern (casual) idioms and terms (like ну типа того – “sort of, something like that”) were included which will be very helpful as well. So all in all, again a very nice meeting!


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