German-Russian | 9th Meeting

Meeting on November 30th, 2020, 2.0 hours

Ты пчела — я пчеловод, а мы любим мёд. These famous words were sung by RASA, a Russian musician duo. Well, ‘profound lyrics’ would be probably the wrong description for this chorus as translated it means “You are a bee – I am a beekeeper, and we love honey.” Nonetheless, we had to acknowledge the song Пчеловод (“beekeeper”) has over 300 million views on YouTube with a professional produced music video and seems to be trending quite high in Russia. Although Daria had to laugh a little, for me this was perfect. Simple and short sentences are ideal for learning plenty of new basic vocabulary like пчела, пчеловод, мёд, Луна (“moon”) and повезёт (“lucky”) for example.

Then we listened to Capital Bra, a famous German rapper with Russian-Ukrainian roots. We translated his German-Russian-mixed lyrics for each other but to be honest, the result was quite disappointing (and predictable): Drugs, luxury fashion, cars and women are most likely the main topics here. But hey, apparently Gucci stays the same – wherever you come from 🤷🏼‍♂️😂

Daria showed me so many other artists (e.g. Alla Pugacheva, Мельница and найтивыход) that day and even worked out a playlist for me. I ended up listening to it the whole day although I can only understand fragments. For example in Alla Pugacheva’s “Million roses” I understood миллион (“million”), роз (“roses”), влюблен (“in love”) and Из окна (“from outside the window”) from which I rather suspected a story about a stalker than about the tragic love story it is. But fortunately Daria corrected me so my opinion about Alla Pugacheva got fixed in the end 😀


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