Getting to know each other & basics of French/ German & Finnish

Our second meeting was on Tuesday the 15th and we meet in our kitchen again which is a pretty convenient place for both of us. Both of our schedules were pretty busy, so it took a bit to find a time that was good.

We talked again about ourselves and why we actually chose Finland. Guilio visited some friends on their exchange and liked it. That´s why he wanted to do it himself, but didn´t know where. First he thought about Canada, but a friend of him did his exchange here in Tampere and told him that it was great, so he decided to do it here as well. So far he enjoys it here a lot. We talked a bit about the experience for both of us so far and it was really interesting to hear about a different perspective because I´m a full degree student here and doing my bachelor.

We decided to just do some basics then like:

je suis = Ich bin = minä olen =  I am

tu es = Du bist = sinä olet = you are

il/elle/on est = Er/Sie/Es ist = hän on = he/she/it is

nous sommes = Wir sind = me olemme =  we are

vous êtes = Ihr seid = te olette = you are (plural)

ils/elles sont = Sie sind = he ovat = they are


merci = Danke = kiitos = thanks

salut = Hallo = hei/moi/terve = hello


I remembered something, but not all. It´s been quite a while since I learned some French and it was nice to try to speak it again.


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