Cooking German Food!

On our fifth meeting we decided to meet at my place to cook some german meat balls with onion, smashed patatos and mustard. We began to do the meat malls by mixing bread, eggs and flavour together and added later the onions. Then we cooked and smashed the potatos with milk. While eating we decided to talk about funny chinese and german words that are weird to prounounce or have a funny meaning. For example a van is 面包车 in chinese which means bread car. Another example is 老板 which is supposed to mean boss but is translated as old board. In German the word WEICHEI is soft egg which is used to call someone who is a coward. It was fun to see how different the words are to their actual traslation.

We did really enjoyed eating and cooking together! Hopefully we can cook some day together again! 😀



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