Im Maris 23-year-old hospitality management student in TAMK. I was so lucky to be picked in to this Each One Teach One course! I wanted to be reminded of Spanish because I have always loved that language. First time I was in contact with Spanish was when I was a little girl and all the soap operas were in Spanish. Since then I have been interested in Spanish. When I went to high school I finally had the chance to learn Spanish. And I did that for three years. And now four years later I feel that I don´t remember that much of Spanish anymore, because I really haven´t maintained it. But that´s all of me so shall we go on to our meeting?

We met on Friday 15.9. in our school cafe.

It was so awesome to have a face to people who I chatted a little bit in Whatsapp before our first meeting. First we chatted about our goals, what did we want to learn. I and Neea want to learn practical Spanish and to revise some verbs and other useful words. Teresa wants to learn useful phrases in Finnish so she can chat in grocery store counters and small talk in Finnish with students. Teresa also said that she wanted to learn more about Finnish culture.  And adding to those we came up with few cooler ways to teach each other our languages. For example we will bring a Finnish song for Teresa to learn each time we meet and she will bring us a Spanish song for us to learn and understand. And then we talked about that we should watch some Finnish dubbed cartoons or movies and maybe also some Spanish movies. Teresa also suggested if we would go to eat sometime when a group of her friends and she will make some Spanish food.  We also talked about going together to Ikea and Moomin museum.  We also set up another meeting for Tuesday, can´t wait!

Im also kinda sad that we didn´t remember to take a group selfie, but hey, we´ll meet again so maybe we´ll remember it on Tuesday!

Hope you guys enjoy your groups or pairings because I´m so thrilled about ours! Have a nice new school week everybody and be nice!



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