Italian-Vietnamese 9th meeting

On this occasion, we have a discussion throughout various topics.

Via Vietnamese culture, we gave Sara a multiple-choice quiz about Vietnam’s culture, tourist attractions, history… Based on that we could have more topics to make our meeting more exalting. For example, there was a question about choosing the right city name, only one answer was correct; however, this gave us a chance to introduce Sara about the other three beautiful cities. I think this way is an effective way to give Sara a broad view of our country in general.

Sara also provided me and Duy some exciting facts about Italy: family life, religion, art and architecture… with good portraiting images and description which helped to express the topics clearly. The close family connection of the Italian people is similar to the Vietnamese, plus Italy has special meaningful holidays which I would really love to experience someday in the future. The architecture and art of Italy are absolutely heritage of the human kinds. All of them made me eager to visit the country in the nearest future.

We also had some basic exchange about our daily routine at the end of the meeting which made my eyes widened and promoted my understanding of the diversity of lifestyles all over the world.


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