Italian-Vietnamese Class | 7th Meeting

In this meeting our focus was about sports in our countries. As sport got a common interest all over the world. Our perceptions about sports are not too different.

As we have three people, the discussion was rather exalting. First of all, we talked about footbal culture in Vietnam. It’s the king sport of the country despite the achievements are too prominent worldwide but we still support our national team in each of their tournament. We also showed Sara the images about the Vietnamese football team along Vietnamese vocabulary about football (it’s important). Also, we talked about our concerns about other sports (tennis, swimming…).

That’s lucky that sports culture in Italian and Finland is not too different from our country (so we won’t be shock when come there at least for this aspect ^^). The history of Italian football team is admirable. The important words in Italian were also given by Sara (I must say that Italian accents sound so charming to me!). The vocabulary was not to hard to remember as part of it was similar to English (e.g Ball: Pallone , Stadium: Stadio, Player: Giocatore, National Team: Nazionale A…). Sports are a huge topic to discuss about and a long coffee meeting will satisfy this (not this virtual meeting :<)

That’s good to have an exchange class like this! 




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