Italian - Vietnamese catching-up meeting

Ciao! Xin chào!

I was introduced a little bit late for the course, but luckily Sara offered me a catching-up meeting to match up with Danh a little bit. In the meeting, Sara was introducing me again to the most basic things of Italian, from greetings, the alphabet to notable pronunciation. I was really surprised to learn that Italian words have genders, which is really different from my Vietnamese vocabulary structure. Sara helped me a lot in distinguishing between knowing genders of words and how to pronounce as close to a native Italian as possible. It’s a long way to go but I think I’m taking baby steps!

At the end of the meeting, me and Sara agreed that the following meetings would be more open. As we are learning on Zoom and it’s kinda hard to concentrate on the grammar, we decided that we would come up with a theme for each meeting, selecting words, sentences, and cultural knowledge that are relevant and famous so it becomes more of a tour guide. I personally think it’s more practical that way!


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