Italian - Vietnamese fourth meeting

Ciao! Xin chào!

This week we talked about food (yum)!

Me and Danh introduced Sara to many Vietnamese specialties, those that are rather famous globally (phở, nem, bún, bánh mì, etc), and how to distinguish some authentic dishes from fake ones. Sara learned many dishes and their alternatives, and how to pronounce them. She also found out that Vietnamese literally eat everything, and some dishes can be rather disturbing or disgusting. At least she is kinda willing to try durian (sầu riêng) though.

Sara introduced us to Italy with lots of really good spices and ingredients. She talked about pizza and pasta and some other dishes, and of course, she talked about cheese, one thing I bet many Italians have to be very proud of. She taught us how to distinguish between different kinds of pasta and cheese from the looks, smell, and aging!


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