It's culinary culture day!

The fourth meeting with my group mates was all about the good food of our respective countries.

Duy and Danh talked about some delicious typical “tourist friendly” food. All of these plates listed below are  typical Vietnamese delicacies, and they also have a vegetarian version for most of these (I am a vegetarian and I was quite  interested in knowing this).

  • Phở
  • Bánh mì
  • Nem
  • Bún
  • Cuốn 

For the italian cuisine we talked about pizza, pasta, risotto and many more typical and delicious italian dishes. This meeting was focused on the cultural side of a country and language, and this gave insight on the typical diets of Vietnamese and Italians and the differences of these. After talking about the “tourist friendly” dishes we went on to some more “hardcore” Vietnamese dishes, which are not usually known around the world. This was very interesting culturally, because the origin of these dishes is poverty, in the sense that in the past the situation in Vietnam lead to a consumption of any edible good. The dishes eaten could be made up of almost any animal, this comes also from the Chinese influence.

It was so interesting to learn about the culinary culture of Vietnam.


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