Kauppi park on 10.11.2016

The first real snow fell and I told Patty that I needed to show her around before it was going to melt (which it did) since the first snow never stays. She really, really loves snow and was really hoping to see some so of course I wanted her to get to see the nature.

I decided to take her on a walk to the jogging trails that are pretty much behind TAMK to see the nature and see a lot of snow and for Patty to just enjoy it. And it was a great opportunity to teach each other some words and sentences about the snow and winter and everything that was around us.

I’m happy about teaching Patty more Finnish since her time here is coming to an end very soon and I want her to be able to speak at least a little Finnish. I think she’s started to do even better with learning, even though it’s hard to remember Finnish. Patty’s had some new motivation since she wants to enjoy the rest of her time here as much as possible.

Remembering the Dutch wasn’t impossible this time which was a relief for me. I’m trying to really learn as much as I can since I won’t have Patty here to teach me after December and TAMK doesn’t offer classes in Dutch. So if I want to remember it, I need to really try now and make notes of the words and sentences that I’ve learned.

Some of the sentences that we taught each other are:

  • It’s snowing
  • Let’s go for a walk
  • Are you tired?
  • Watch out, it’s slippery here
  • The water is frozen
  • It is getting dark
  • Let’s go back



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