Learning at the supermarket/szupermarket/Supermarkt :)

Sziastok! Hogy vagy? 😊

Our FIFTH meeting took place in the SOKOS supermarket. We walked through the supermarket and searched for food items, Flóra prepared for this meeting. I tried to speak every word and Flóra corrected my mistakes in pronunciation. Some words are quite easy to pronounce and remember and some are difficult to remember, because I cannot derive the words from languages I already learned.

Since Flóra do not speak Finnish as well, we decided always to check the Finnish labels in the supermarket to learn the Finnish word for these food items too. While strolling through the supermarket, we talked about the supermarket systems in our countries and compared these with the Finnish one. To give an example, in Germany and Hungary you can buy every kind of alcohol in the supermarket. We do not have any special alcohol store like Alko. But the difference between German and Hungarian stores in selling alcohol is that hard alcohol in Germany is usually locked in glass shelves. You have to ask an employee to unlock and hand over the bottle.

Next time we are going to do some shopping and Flóra can practice speaking in various places. And perhaps we will find some presents for Christmas 😊


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