Let's sauna!

Finally, we got to fix our schedules to enjoy a sauna evening at my place. It’s not uncommon for a Finnish apartment to have an own sauna. The sauna in my apartment is not that big: it fits max. four saunagoers. But it doesn’t lack the heat!

The evening began with chatting about life in general. I also felt that my responsibility was to tell Michelle about the Finnish sauna culture. Sauna is more than just a hot room: it is a place where both mind and body relaxes. In the history women also gave birth in sauna because it was the most sterile room of the house.

After the sauna we had a Finnish beer tasting. I had bought us several different sorts of beer: from small breweries to larger ones. My absolute favourites are Pyynikki brewery’s beers. It is a small brewery here in Tampere and its products have a lot of flavour. Michelle is not that much of a beer drinker but she found her favourite as well.

Bis bald!



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