Lets's listen to MUSIC!

After watching movie the last time, for our seventh meeting Sanne and I decided to focus on our music!

I started with one song by many different italian artists, “Domani”. It has been played by those artists in 2009 in order to get founds to sustain people who were suffering for the earthquake of L’Aquila, a very nice city in the middle of Italy. The artists are probably the most important in the italian music panorama (from Jovanotti to Zucchero, from Giorgia to Carmen Consoli). I like a lot some of them and I really dislike some other but in this song I think everybody performed very well. I thought that in this way can have a general view of Italian singers.

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Aftere that I asked her wether she already knows any italian singer, and her answer was… YES! Andrea Boccelli! So we listen to a very nice song by him and Giorgia, whose voice is really great (but not as Boccelli’s one of course), “Vivo per lei”

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Then we listened to some othere song, by Jovanotti – the first Italian rapper- (“L’ombelico del mondo”), which video is played in the marvellous Palazzo Te in my hometown, Mantova. We finished listening “Ebano” by a band called Modena City Ramblers. I really love this song, which won several prizes by Amnesty international and by the Red Cross, for the gentle touch it has to speak about a very hard topic: immigration and the hope of young people coming from Africa to Italy “in search of new fortunes”.

Sanne made me listening some Dutch songs, they seemed to me quite country music and, surprisingly, they recall to my mind Latino/ south american atmosphere… it was weird!

They also have this particular type of song called “Levenslied“, meaning Song of/about life. I don’t like them very much, they seem to me quite “old style” but it was very interesting.  Of course Dutch has also quite a lot of Dj music and techno (like Tiësto, quite famous it seems) but we didn’t stress about it because we both don’t like this kind of music.


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