Meeting #6 Tea with Polish alphabet

This time plan was simple. Show to Elisa and her friend our Polish alphabet. Elisa invite us to Café Europa. We ordered our tea, and have a little talk with Elisa and her friend about Poland and our language. Then with Joanna, we started writing our alphabet and repeating letters one by one. We tried to find a word with every characters to make it practical for Elisa. It was very hard to teach proper pronunciation of letters like:

  • w
  • ą
  • ż
  • ź
  • dz
  • ę
  • ł


She did it very well. We were surprised that somebody after one meeting can speak so good. When our cups was empty and Elisa got enough information we decided to go home. It was my first time when I tried to explain some polish grammar to someone abroad. It was a good challenge for me and I think that Elisa is the really good student!


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