Meeting #7 "Drifting clouds"

This time with Joanna we visited Elisa in her house. We planned to watch Finnish movie. Elisa chose “Kaus pilvet karkaa” in english “Drifting clouds”. Director of this movie is Aki Kaurismäki. We never heard about this movie or this director before but we aren’t cinema experts so it was nothing weird.


The movie was about couple which tried to survive in a hard time because Tram driver Lauri loses his job and restaurant where his wife works, as a head waitress is closed. They tried to find new job. The movie was specific and the humor was very “Finnish” in my opinion, but still, it was funny for me. After movie we had nice talk about Finland and Poland. It was great to see Finnish movie because I never see it before.

Next time we will watch Polish movie!


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