Meeting #7: MIAMI - We are coming!

Today wasn´t the first party we were going together, since we all made very good friends in the time we have been to Finland so far, but it was the first time we did it with some kind of educational purpose. As usual we started with some pre drinking and playing some beerpong, before we head to Miami club.


So our educational aim today was it to talk a bit more about ordering different drinks and do little smalltalks… Maybe also to learn some simple pickup lines 😀 We had a really great time, laughed and also drank a lot.

For everyone who wants to know some more about famous Mexican drinks, here is a little list:

Tequila – the most famous liquor

Tequila Sunrise – 8 cl Tequila / 8 Ice cubes / 5 cl Grenadine syrup / some fresh citron juice / 20 cl Orange juice

Michelada – Beer mix with lime and tabasco, famous as hangover killer

Cervezas – Mexican beer, most famous ones are Corona, Sol and Dos Equis


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