Meeting 8

Date: 14th May 21
Venue: Online

Today we decided to watch an episode of a Spanish series ‘La Casa de Papel together. The key takeaway from this activity is to pick up a lot of jargon that will come in handy. The overall vocabulary used in La Casa de Papel is similar to what you’d hear in everyday conversation or online with friends. Also, pronunciation is very crucial when learning a language. Thus, this was the perfect opportunity to be exposed to a variety of dialects and accents.

We thought this was the right activity to get to learn the important Spanish words, phrases, and slang. Each episode contains crucial vocabulary words to learn. Enric also created some fun quizzes for me to put my Casa De Papel knowledge to test. It was nice to have a native confirm some of the confusion I had when watching the show.

Someo of the phrases I’ve learned are:

Cada dos por tres: Every now and then
Zeta: Police car
Currar/Curro: To work or having a job

I’ve always wanted to be proficient in Spanish, but I’m far too busy to pursue anything I’m enthusiastic about. I know very little Spanish and just watching this and having Enric help me sometimes gives me hope and motivation to learn more.


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