Meeting #9

Finally we found the time to create some food! We met at Diego’s place. Diego lives at Rauhaniemi in a student apartment. We have never been in there so it was really odd and exiting experience. There were big hallways and lots of doors. Diego for example has in his room a bed and a bathroom, but whole building has only 4 kitchens. So the kitchen is often stuffed. When we first arrived there was just few people and we started right away doing some spanish dessert called salchichon de chocolate. We mixed all incredients and then we just waited it to freeze. While waiting we ate mämmi, traditional finnish easter food. Diego and his friend from Italy tasted it for the first time. They compared it to chestnut and plums, but the taste is really unique. I was really surprised that both of them liked it.

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-11 at 20.11.07

Here is a picture of the salchichon de chocolate. It really looks like big pile of shit but it was tasty! While we were eating, kitchen was flooding with people. Everyone were exchange stundents, Italy, German, Belgia, Spain… They were all just hanging there, eating, drawing and talking to each other and music was played. Proper culture shock for us Finnish girls. We decided to go through this yummy recipe in our lecture.

resepti- receta                                                 ainesosat- ingredientes

kaakao- cocoa                                                 voi- manteca

keksi- galleta                                                    sokeri- azucar

kananmuna- huevo                                       pakastin- refrigerador

We also went through kitchen supplies and we taught one spanish girl some finnish sentences because she needed to learn those for her hobby. We had a really nice meeting, i could also live there, the mix of all cultures!

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-11 at 17.32.40

Sugar rush!



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