Meeting in a library planning upcoming trip to French!

We had our 4th meeting in library last week. Unfortunately Goodwill had to cancel, but I met Sophie and we had really great time together. Sophie is going to have her finnish test a few weeks from now, and we were practising for that. I found it suprisingly hard to explain the differences of different declines. Sophie is constantly getting better at speaking the finnish language! She introduced herself in finnish coherently.  “Minä olen Sophie. Olen kotoisin Nizzasta, Ranskasta. Minä pidän tanssista. Minä pidän matkustamisesta.” It’s great to be able to help her maintain her finnish skills.

(Nizza, Nice)

We also talked about Nice, where Sophie is from. I had plans for a exchange in French, but un fortunately it’s not going to happen. Because of this, i’m very excited of planning a trip for this beautiful country! Sophie helped me to compare a different hotels, and the locations. Actually, when I got back to home, I booked flights to French!! I’m going to make this 5 days trip with my boyfriend at the end of May. I’m very excited! I’m looking forwards of getting advices and tips from Sophie of different sights and places to visit. And hopefully we will meet her in her hometown! During this module, my interest towards French has increased remarkably. This upcoming trip is a visible proof of the great effects of this module, and how it encouraged me to deepen my knowledge of Sophies homecountry, French. This is going to be my first visit to French, and it’s great to get some recommendations from the local. I can’t hide my enthusiasm, and why should I. 😉


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