Time flies so fast that it is already our 8th meetup. That the end of the journey is coming soon and that we want to create as many memories as possible made us come up with the idea of cooking together. Then somehow for this meetup we baked Swiss roll, which is also known as kääretorttu in Finnish.

For learning activities, we obviously did learn how to bake this delicious Swiss roll. Then we had a chance to listen to old Finnish songs, which I myself considered as a very worthwhile experience. Songs of each country, each culture and each era, in my opinion, bring me magical feelings that no words have the ability to express. All you need is only to listen and immerse yourself into the melody. Besides that, we also shared deep knowledge of our each native country. After the conversation, I now want to go exchange like Tabea, which I previously believed to be a waste of time. It will never be a waste of time.

For having-fun parts, we did enjoy our autumn-winter afternoon with just conversations and good food. Happiness sometimes can be this simple!

I feel like now we are more open to each other, consequently more comfortable while being with each other. Another good memory while being in Tampere, Finland 😀

Mentioning about roll, here is a tip for you all by Ashton Kutcher:

Always roll up the sleeves on your shirt. It gives the impression that you are working, even if you are not 😀


I was feeling low and so came to read this blog. And, Hang, you did it: I feel happy again after reading about your experiences.

Taru Owston

15.11.2017 23:58

It is amazing to hear that you feel happy after reading my blog post. It really enlightens my whole night while I am working on report 😀

Hang Nguyen

16.11.2017 00:33

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