Our first meeting with Ivan and Rassul

Last Thursday Percy and I met Ivan and Rassul for the first time.  Rassul was sick, so he didn’t say much, but Ivan was eager to show us his English skills.  We spent our time, getting to know each other and establishing our goals.  It was determined that we would try to focus on conversational English in the areas of introductions, interviewing and kitchen language.  We meet next Thursday at 10 in the library.

Today we all met in the library. Rassul introduced himself and then Ivan re-introduced himself. Great job! For the next meeting, Rassul agreed to re-introduce himself and give us more details about himself and his current situation. Ivan brought a piece of written work for us to read. Fantastic writing Ivan. For next meeting we decided that we would work on grammar. We scheduled a meeting for next Wednesday, but I realized already that Percy and I have a conflict in schedule. I will try to reschedule by text and email.


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