Our last meeting!

It’s time for our last meeting and holiday season, so we chose to take it a little more relaxed. Yuiko Finally was able to arrive in Finland, but sadly I had to leave to another city for Christmas. For that reason, the last meeting was also held in moodle. Our meeting took place a couple days after her arrival to Tampere, so I was very curious about her experience so far. I asked if she already found a grocery store where to shop and if there was any problem buying a bus ticket. She told me that the apartment was warmer than she expected and that she will experience the Finnish sauna first time ever that night! In general, we spend the hour just chatting about her experiences and thoughts about Finland so far. I hope the Covid-situation doesn’t get worse, so she can actually study on the TAMK campus, not just do online school. Even though the course is now over, we will definitely meet face-to-face next year after I go back to Tampere!


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